Saturday, 4 February 2012

Paella my way

This is actually a very slightly alterred recipe of a Paella that I learned from my lawyer. It is coming from the Andalusian region, but with a mountain touch ( a bit more robust than the other varieties).

Start by individually preparing in a pan some diced crispy bacon, browned pork fillet slices, and gently fried shrimps. You can also choose to have the raw shrimps added on the top of the paella while it is cooking. It will have plenty of time to get cooked if you chose to do it that way.

So, set aside the prepared crispy bacon bits, browned fillets, and shrimps.

Roast some green peppers, then cool, peel, chop and fry up with chopped onion, garlic and tomatoes.

When the juices start to run out, start rolling the unwashed arborio rice (or any short grain rice you prefer).
When the rice grains are coated with the nice vegetable juices, add in half a cup of dry sherry or dry white wine. Let it bubble up, then add chicken stock (double the amount of the rice used), some scattered shreds of saffron, 3 bayleaves, and scatter nicely on top the crispy bacon, pork fillet slices and shrimps. At this stage I also like to add in a few dried cayenne peppers.

Bring to boil. 6 minutes on high heat, 4 minutes low , and a further 6 minutes high heat. Switch off heat source and cover the whole pan up with a kitchen cloth for about 5 minutes, to absorb the extra moisture. The perfect paella must be having crispy (burned) bits at the bottom of the pan.

I like to add a few white giant beans at the end of the process, just to warm them up. I use these from can, already boiled.

Serve with a dollop of strong garlic mayonnaise, and no kissing afterwards!