Sunday, 24 June 2012

Steamed eggs with goodies (a variation on Chawanmushi)

 First of all we prepare the Fish stock made of Dashi Granules. One cup of water, a teaspoon of Dashi.
Then we scramble two eggs and mix it with the cooled down stock and a teaspoon of Soy sauce.

 In a bowl, I layed out some strips of Chicken tights (which were the remains of a nice chicken soup), a few raw and de-veined prawns, and a couple of Shiitake mushrooms. You can use fresh, or the dry variety soaked in hot water for 20 minutes then squeezed out.    You can also add a splash of Sake if you got it.

I then covered the goodies up with the egg mixture *passed through a sieve, and popped the bowl  into a bamboo steamer and let it vigorously steam for 12 minutes.
As you scoop through the beautiful silky eggs all the goodies will greet you and beg you to eat them. I love this dish just as it is on its own. A full boost of protein.