Monday, 5 August 2013

Turkish Koftes

They are really amazing when cooked over hot coals, of course. But I had to settle for the electric grill, and was still not disappointed.
A beautiful, refreshing way of cooking minced beef, when in need for a protein fix:)
Could also be mixed with lamb, or made out of pure lamb.

It is also very fast to prepare of you have a mini food processor.  The quantities below are for 1/2 Kilo of minced meat.

One clove of garlic, One small shallot, a pinch each of: Cumin, dried Oregano, Cayenne pepper, small handful of chopped flat leaf parsley (MUCH tastier than the curly variety), a Tablespoon of fresh chopped mint,  one teaspoon of salt and a splash of lime juice.

Zap things up, then work into the minced meat and form the patties to the shape you desire. Let the patties rest for few hours, covered, in the lower shelve of the fridge. Then either place under Medium/Hot Grill for 4 minutes each side, or pan fry in few drops of oil until beautifully caramelised.  Overcooking will make them dry out, so do keep an eye on them.


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  1. Love to eat all your food inventions....yummy presentation.