Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Slow Braised Chinese Pork Shoulder

This is something you can have simmering in the background for up to three hours, without any attention required. 

I marinated this beautiful piece of shoulder in a mixture of :

Five spice powder -A good spoonful
Star anise - about 5 Five
Grated ginger - A spoonful
Few cloves of Garlic, crushed
Soy Sauce - half a cup
Sesame oil -quarter of a cup
Brown sugar -One spoonful
Crushed black pepper.

Left the meat soaking in this juice overnight in a sealed bag, turning it every now and again when I was in the vicinity of the fridge.

Then the next day, I set it for a slow simmer for nearly three hours with added 2 litres of water, till it was completely falling apart.

Made a simple fried rice to go with it , and server with chilled Kimchi, which -shame on me- I bought ready made.  It was divine and easy peasy, pork squeezy.

The remaining juices (which was about a litre) were frozen in small portions for some added magic in upcoming stir fries. 

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